I began my piano education at the age of seven at Aran Music Center. My studies continued between 1986-2001 with master duo-pianists Elif and Bedii Aran, who have carried on the exceptional pedagogic style they inherited from their teacher, the legendary pianist Rosina Lhevinne in Juilliard School, NY. During my enrollment majoring in Pianoforte, I successfully completed my studies, including Sight-Singing, Theory and Music Literature. While completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, I gained professional experience as an organist at the British Embassy Chapel, as well as a piano teacher, where I have enjoyed teaching both children and adults of various levels. 

Photo by: Carlos Aristizabal

After arriving in Norfolk to pursue my Master’s and my Ph.D. degree, I continued my passion for the piano. In 2002,  I was among the few selected to attend a piano Master Class at Old Dominion University’s Chandler Recital Hall, which also was the beginning of my connection with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO). I was contacted by VSO’s Education Department to give a recital at Chrysler Museum of Art at Valentine’s Day. Being the ever-romantic, I happily accepted. One of the highlights of my life was playing at the brand new concert grand piano that VSO had recently purchased.

Today, in addition to being a Assistant Professor in UHCL, I continue to pursue my passion in piano and classical music, in whatever means it may be.